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Mikoto Himeno is the main protagonist and playable character in the game. She encounters ghostly horrors after ghostly horrors to find the truth about the paranormal phenomena happening around her.


From her sprite, she has long black hair with two red ribbons. She seems to wear her school uniform throughout the story. Her eye color is disputed to be blue, red, or even brown.


   Chapter 1

After the intro, Mikoto visits her friend Yuka, ayoo b.who called her that night. She steps into the house only to hear a woman screaming from the second floor (note that if you do not immediately go to the second floor, you will hear a man's scream as well, and a message that says "Did that scream come from the second floor?" or something to that extent. This does not happen if you go directly to the second floor.) After investigating the second floor, the scream is revealed to have come from her friend, Yuka, who is lying on the floor with stab wounds. Mikoto screams from seeing this and a child's singing emanates from somewhere. After investigating the second floor more, you will find a dead man in a room with a fireplace. Mikoto, horrified, wonders wha

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t is going on as a child's laughing is heard. She investigates a nearby closet with bloodspatter on it, but it won't open. There is rapid knocking sounds on the closet door, and a teddy bear wielding a sharp knife emerges. The bear procedes to chase Mikoto around the house, until she loses it. She found a computer room and she found a site on how to end the ritual,"Hitori Kakurenbo", also known as Hitori Onigekko and translated as one man tag. Before she was able read the instructions, the bear found her and cut the power cord. After ditching the bear, she finds a back up power cord recieves the instructions to end the ritual.

Fanart / Game artEdit

  • Mikoto Himeno's Supposed Appearance Fanart
  • Himeno Mikoto's Final Kimono Outfit with Exorcism Chants along side Himuro Hitoshi